Purchasing IOTA-VTI v3

The IOTA-VTI v3 and accessories are currently OUT OF STOCK.

Your purchase will be shipped promptly after payment is received, and a shipping notification with tracking information will be sent.

If you have questions about the IOTA-VTI v3, or would like clarification about any aspect of its use or purchase, please contact Bob at videotimers@gmail.com (Please mention the destination country in your inquiry). A response will usually be provided within 48 hours.

IOTA-VTI v3 alone, or with Optional Accessories

IOTA-VTI pricing begins at $249 per unit, US dollars only. Shipping and handling charges will be added. Sales tax of 6.0% will be added for shipments to Maryland addresses. Payment will be accepted via PayPal (credit cards or use your PayPal account).

  • IOTA-VTI v3 - $249.00 OUT OF STOCK.
    The latest version of our IOTA-sponsored video time inserter.
  • IOTA-VTI v3 with External Antenna - $274.00 OUT OF STOCK.
    The IOTA-VTI v3 and the external antenna accessory. The external antenna can help in an observatory or other enclosed location with poor GPS signal reception.
  • IOTA-VTI v3 with Serial Dongle - $281.00 OUT OF STOCK.
    The IOTA-VTI v3 and the serial dongle accessory. The serial dongle will allow recording of the NMEA sentences coming from the GPS, creating a text file.
  • IOTA-VTI v3 with External Antenna and Serial Dongle - $296.00 Save $10 OUT OF STOCK.
    The IOTA-VTI v3 with both the external antenna and the serial dongle accessories.

IOTA-VTI v3 is compatible with both NTSC (30 frames/second) and PAL (25 frames/second) video formats. Selection of format is via an internal switch that will be set to the buyer's preference, but which can be easily changed. Please specify how you want the switch set initially.