About the IOTA-VTI v3

IOTA-VTI v3 is a rugged, reliable, ready-to-go unit, deriving precision time from an internal GPS receiver. The ABS enclosure measures 5.2" wide by 6" long by 1.6" high (130 x 150 x 40 mm). Its weight is 9.2 ounces (260 grams).

IOTA-VTI v3 has been tested extensively, both on a bench and in the field, so we are confident it will meet your need for precision timing of video signals.

Product and Accessories

This is the latest version of our IOTA-sponsored video time inserter. It offers improved GPS sensitivity: more satellites will be acquired in less time. A coin cell has been added to give the GPS non-volatile memory. In addition to speeding initial satellite acquisition, the IOTA-VTI v3 will retain knowledge of leap seconds when they are added. (The most recent leap second addition was June 30, 2015.) The IOTA-VTI v3 is compatible with both NTSC (30 frames/second) and PAL (25 frames/second) video formats. Selection of format is via an internal switch that will be set to the buyer's preference, but which can easily be changed.
External Antenna
The optional external antenna can be especially useful in an observatory or other enclosed location with poor GPS signal reception. The cord is 5 metres long (16 feet). When the external antenna is connected to the IOTA-VTI v3, the GPS will automatically disconnect from the internal antenna and connect to the external antenna.
Serial Dongle
The serial dongle will allow recording of the NMEA sentences coming from the GPS, creating a text file. The dongle will have a standard USB plug for connecting to a computer and a 3.5-mm stereo plug to connect to the IOTA-VTI v3. The user will need to provide a computer equipped with a Standard A USB port and a terminal emulator program. (Many terminal emulator programs are available, some of them free downloads.)

Set Up

After receiving the IOTA-VTI v3, only three cables need to be connected to get started. It may take a few minutes for the GPS to get its first fix, but subsequent fixes will usually require a minute or less.

Three indicator LEDs show current operational status.

You will need to provide:
- a nominal 12-volt DC power source using a 5.5-mm by 2.1-mm coaxial plug (center positive);
- an input video signal using an RCA-type plug;
- a display/recording device accepting the IOTA-VTI v3 output signal via an RCA-type plug.

Technical Specifications and Downloads

Please download documents corresponding to your model of IOTA-VTI:

Older Models

Older versions, which include the IOTA-VTI Basic, EX and Dual models, may be identified by color and/or serial number. These models are black and have serial numbers lower than 500.

IOTA-VTI front

Operation Manual
Technical Specifications
Quick Start Guide
Current Model

The current model is the IOTA-VTI v3. It may be identified by being bone color and with a serial number of 500 or higher.

IOTA-VTI front

Operation Manual